Why MG’s colour palette is spot on

Some car brands make it unnecessarily complicated for themselves and the customer by offering their cars in countless different versions and body colours. MG proves that things can be done differently and is successful with a straightforward and efficient product range with relatively few options, but which meet the needs and wishes of almost every car buyer.

MG’s current range includes four models: the MG ZS EV, MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid, MG Marvel R Electric and MG5 Electric. Each one is available with a choice of ‘just’ two trim levels and ‘just’ four or five body colours, depending on the model. So, it’s very easy to choose. But does it also cover customer needs?

If we look at all body colours offered across the MG range – grey, white, black, blue, silver and red – they fit seamlessly with the wishes of European car buyers. Figures from Axalta – worldwide leading supplier of automotive paints – show that they correspond exactly to the most frequently chosen colours in Europe.

Colour Popularity Report

Axalta’s 2021 Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report shows that grey (27%) is again the most popular body colour for passenger cars in Europe, now for the third consecutive year.

Remarkably, Europe is the only region in the world where grey is most chosen colour instead of white. In Europe, white is the second most popular body colour for passenger cars with a share of 23%, closely followed by black (22%) in third place.

The other three colours offered by MG – blue, silver and red – are the fourth (11%), fifth (8%) and sixth (5%) most popular colours in Europe respectively. Ultimately, the 2021 Colour Popularity Report proves that MG’s body colour palette is spot on, matching the most chosen colours in seven of the ten Axalta-defined regions of the world.

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