All new MGs come with a comprehensive manufacturer warranty as standard, along with an extensive anti-perforation and paint warranty.

Our vehicles are designed to the highest standards and then rigorously tested to ensure that nothing should go wrong. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your MG, you have complete peace of mind with your warranty.

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Please find all terms and conditions relating to the new vehicle warranty for any MG vehicle registered on or after 1st November 2020.
Full Warranty Terms and Conditions are available at all MG Authorised Repairers.

Warranty Period


The warranty period commences on the date of first registration. MG covers vehicles (registered on or after 01/11/2020) for unlimited mileage up to 12 months, and for 150,000 km between 13 months and 84 months (whichever comes sooner). The warranty transfers to each new owner so long as it has not expired.

Warranty Cover

  • Guarantees repair replacement or adjustment, free of charge, by an Authorised Repairer, of any part which fails during the warranty period, as a result of a manufacturing or material defect.
  • Guarantees paintwork repairs to defects such as blistering, peeling, cracking, discolouration or staining of the visible painted surface of the vehicle body panels occurring as a result of manufacturing or material defect.
  • Guarantees all ‘wear and tear’ items, (excluding tyres) that are subject to failure as a result of a manufacturing or material defect during the first 12 months of the Warranty period or prior to the first scheduled chargeable main service, whichever is sooner.
  • Guarantees any parts replaced under the terms of the warranty for the balance of the warranty period only.

Warranty Terms and Conditions


MG Motor reserves the right to make changes in content, description or terms of the warranty policy if it is deemed necessary by legislation or business objectives and agree to give MG Dealers notice of any changes.

MG Warranty conditions required that:

  • All claims are notified, diagnosed and repairs completed by an Authorised MG Repairer within the Warranty period.
  • When a defect becomes apparent you must report it to an Authorised MG Repairer. Your warranty may be invalidated if you continue to drive with a fault.
  • In the case of MG Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, Claims will not be accepted if the high voltage battery has been opened or removed from your MG vehicle by anyone other than an MG Authorised New Energy Repairer.
  • Warranty paint rectification must be carried out by an Authorised MG Bodyshop in line with the MG Body Repair Manual.
  • All repairs, damage rectification or fitting of replacement parts and accessories are carried out by an Authorised MG Repairer and in accordance with MG instructions.
  • The vehicle has not been altered from the original specification, where said alterations maybe found to be the cause of any subsequent component failure.
  • The body panels are inspected annually throughout the warranty period by an Authorised MG Repairer (relevant paperwork completed and endorsed), and any rectification work found necessary is carried out in accordance with MG’s recommendations.
  • The vehicle has not suffered from neglect, improper repair, or improper use, and has been properly cleaned, maintained and serviced in accordance with MG’s recommendations.
  • Each main service is carried out within 1,500 kilometers or 28 days of the recommended mileage interval or service anniversary date as shown on the Service Interval Plan (within the service portfolio) and that the appropriate service record is communicated to the DSR Portal by the servicing dealer. Whilst the warranty will not be invalidated if a non-authorised repairer carries out this work, Warranty faults resulting from work carried out by a non-authorised repairer may not be covered under the MG Warranty. An itemised service invoice must be obtained.
  • Note: To qualify for the MG 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th year warranty, the vehicle must have a full and accurate service history including a VAT invoice, in line with MG Motor Ireland's recommended servicing plan, using Original Equipment Specification (OE) parts and fluids.
  • If a defect arises from non-compliance of Manufacturer recommended service intervals and or Manufacturer recommendations for care and maintenance, the Authorised MG Repairer reserves the right to reject any subsequent claims.
  • MG approved parts are used for repairs effected under warranty, except as an emergency repair, which must be made good within 14 days using components approved by MG.
  • The vehicle is not used for rallying, racing or competition purposes of any kind.
  • The vehicle is not subjected to any load heavier than the maximum recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The owner’s protection under the terms of the MG Warranty does not affect their statutory rights in law.

Lithium Ion High Voltage Battery


During a capacity check at an Authorised MG Repairer if it is determined that the lithium-ion high voltage battery has suffered a capacity drop below 70% of the original value at delivery of your new MG Electric/Hybrid Vehicle, the segment below 70% will be deemed excessive loss. Where possible the excessive loss portion will be repaired, if un-repairable the lithium-ion high voltage battery will be replaced with either a new or a remanufactured battery.

Warranty Exceptions


The following items are subject to specific warranty cover:

(Note only when the failure is the result of a manufacturing or material defect)

Description Warranty Coverage (Time)
Whichever occurs first
Warranty Coverage (Mileage)
Whichever occurs first
CLUTCH COMPONENTS 24 months 48,000KM
BRAKE DISCS 12 months 24,000KM
DRIVE BELTS 36 months 72,000KM
OIL FILTER 1st Scheduled Service 1st Scheduled Service
AIR FILTER 1st Scheduled Service 1st Scheduled Service
POLLEN FILTER 1st Scheduled Service 1st Scheduled Service
FUEL FILTER 1st Scheduled Service 1st Scheduled Service
SPARK PLUGS 1st Scheduled Service 1st Scheduled Service
AIR CON RE GAS 6 months 12,000KM
WIPER BLADES 6 months 12,000KM
FUSES 12 months 24,000KM
BULBS 12 months 24,000KM
REMOTE BATTERIES 12 months 24,000KM
12V BATTERIES (vehicles registered after 03/01/2017)12 months 24,000KM
WHEEL BEARINGS 36 months 72,000KM
ALL BALL JOINTS 36 months 72,000KM
ALL BUSHES 36 months 72,000KM
TRACK ROD ENDS 36 months 72,000KM
DAMPERS, STRUTS 36 months 72,000KM
RUBBER COMPONENTS 36 months 72,000KM
TYRES 0 months 0KM
COSMETIC PAINT (including alloy wheels)36 months
GLASS CRACK 3 months 1,500KM
PARKING BRAKE ADJUST 1st Scheduled Service 1st Scheduled Service
WHEEL ALIGNMENT 3 months 1,500KM
WHEEL BALANCE 3 months 1,500KM
SEAT COVERS 12 months 25,000KM
PAINT WARRANTY 36 months 100,000KM
ANTI-PERFORATION 84 months (subject to annual inspection)

*1st scheduled service refers to 1st service due date or 1st service due mileage, (whichever occurs sooner), and relates specifically to the 1st service date for the named component.

There are some uses, natural occurrences and aspects of ownership that are excluded and not covered by the warranty. These are described below:

  • Those items which require replacement or maintenance due to damage or which have been subjected to fair wear and tear - e.g. brake pads, bulbs, wiper blades etc.
  • Those items which require adjustment or replacement as part of routine servicing and maintenance during the warranty period.
  • Any part of the body that has suffered accidental damage unless the damage has been repaired to MG’s specification.
  • Corrosion resulting from damage to the paintwork caused by stones, scratches, accidental damage, atmospheric pollution (including bird lime) or the application of corrosive materials.
  • Corrosion resulting from fitting accessories that are not approved by MG, or from fitting approved accessories in a manner not in accordance with MG’s fitting instructions.
  • Replacement of fuel, anti-freeze, hydraulic fluids, grease or oils, unless required in direct connection with the repair or replacement of an approved component.
  • Any failure caused by lack of, or improper maintenance.
  • Damage caused by, or arising from, war, strikes, vandalism, accidents, collision, fire, explosion, theft or attempted theft, adverse weather conditions or any act or omission that is willful, unlawful or negligent.
  • Depreciation or any consequential loss.
  • Any exploratory dismantling charges will only be reimbursed as part of valid claims. It is the responsibility of the warranty holder to authorise and to pay the charges if it is proved that the failure is not the responsibility of MG.
  • Any vehicle that has been written off by an insurer, or any repair, replacement or alteration not authorised by MG, experimental adjustments or vehicles modified in any way from MG’s specification.
  • Vehicles that have exceeded the maximum permitted mileage covered by the Warranty.

Private Hire Vehicle


The warranty policy for MG Petrol vehicles used for Private Hire and Taxi’s is 12 months/ 100,000 kms (whichever occurs sooner).

The warranty policy for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles used for Private Hire is 3 years/100,000 kms (whichever occurs sooner). All exclusions as listed on page 3 apply, as do all terms and conditions listed within this warranty statement. Please note, to be eligible the vehicle must be registered by an MG Dealer as a Private Hire Vehicle with MG using the Private Hire Vehicle Registration Form. Failure to do so may void your warranty. This limitation includes the High Voltage Power Train Components and the Lithium Ion High Voltage Battery.

Paint Warranty


The Paint Warranty covers the MG vehicle for 3 years or 100,000 kms from the date of first registration (whichever occurs sooner).

Extent of Cover


Any paint defect affecting readily visible surface areas of the MG vehicle, not including the under body, caused by a material or manufacturing defect will be repaired under the terms of warranty.

Any part of the MG vehicle repaired, or any replacement part provided under the terms of the warranty, shall be covered by this warranty for the remainder of the warranty period.



This Warranty does not cover;

  • Paint defects not caused by defective material or workmanship at the time of manufacture.
  • Damage or defects resulting from:
  • The fitting of replacement parts not approved by MG Motor (UK) Ltd. or the alteration of the MG vehicle from the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Misuse, neglect, inadequate maintenance or failure to have the MG vehicle serviced in accordance with the MG scheduled services.
  • Accident or other external cause including, but not limited to, industrial fallout, airborne contamination, stone chipping, bird lime or impact.
  • Racing, rallying or other competitive purposes.
  • Paint defects resulting from corrosion to a body part which has been repaired by a party other than, or under the supervision of, an authorised MG Repairer using genuine MG parts and following the approval repair procedures.



The Warranty Period

The Anti-Perforation Warranty cover’s the vehicle against perforation due to rust-through of the body panels for 7 years.

For this cover to remain effective the vehicle must be inspected annually by an authorised MG Repairer throughout the duration of the warranty period. An MG Corrosion Warranty Annual Inspection Sheet must be filled out and the anti-perforation service documentation record stamped.

Anti-Perforation Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • The definition of perforation is: The corrosion or rusting through of a body panel on the vehicle from the inner surface through to the outer surface resulting in a physical hole.
  • Anti-Perforation Warranty only applies to the following panels; Bonnet, roof, boot lid, tailgate, front wings, rear quarter panels, doors, side sills, pillars and underbody.


  • In some instances, your MG will not be covered, these include, but are not limited to;
  • Perforation due to corrosion as a result of an accident, damage, modification, abuse, industrial fallout, or carrying corrosive or damaging materials, or external influences.
  • Perforation due to corrosion caused by, the use of non-genuine MG parts, or parts not approved by MG, including used parts.
  • Perforation due to corrosion resulting from a lack of maintenance, as described in the owner’s manual, misuse or abuse.
  • An incomplete annual inspection record.

Parts Warranty


Terms and Conditions

  • MG provides 12 months unlimited mileage warranty on MG genuine replacement retail parts.
  • Parts replaced under warranty are covered for the duration of the remainder of the vehicle warranty or as according to the Exclusions as listed on page 3, whichever comes sooner.
  • Only parts appearing in the MG retail price list are the responsibility of MG for Warranty purposes.
  • Only genuine MG Parts may be used for repairs under warranty.


MG Motor are not liable in the event of any consequential loss, including, bodily injury, death or damage to property arising directly or indirectly from an incident affecting a part covered by this warranty. This does not limit liability or exclude liability in the case of personal injury or death resulting from manufacturing defect or the negligence of The Manufacturer.

Owner Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain and care for their MG Vehicle properly. Recommended maintenance and care procedures should be followed, and only products deemed safe, used for the care of your MG.

It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to keep their vehicle regularly maintained. It is recommended you keep your maintenance records and receipts safe and accessible. The scheduled maintenance records should be completed whenever you visit a MG Dealer for service or maintenance.

Extra Expenses, Damages & Losses

Under the terms of this warranty, MG Motor are only liable for the repair or replacement of original parts by an Authorised MG Dealer or an Authorised MG Repairer, that are defective in material or manufacture.

MG Motor are not liable for any costs incurred in getting to an MG Dealer/Repairer, use of a loan car or hire car during the period of repair, any subsequent loss of earnings or other financial loss, including travel costs and lodgings.