MG takes you even further with the new MG4 EV Extended Range

November, 2023

MG4 Extended Range

MG takes you even further with the new MG4 EV Extended Range

We are excited to share the pricing and specifications for the MG4 EV Extended Range model, a highly capable long-distance EV providing up to 520 kilometres of zero-emissions motoring.

The MG4 EV Extended Range is available from just €42,995 and comes equipped with a new 77kWh battery; the Extended Range marks a milestone for MG as its first electric car capable of over 500 kilometres miles on a single charge. It also allows drivers to recharge from 10-80 per cent in as little as 39 minutes**.

The MG4 EV Extended Range enhances both range and performance with its robust 180kW electric motor, achieving a 0-100km/h time of just 6.5 seconds. Maintaining the acclaimed rear-wheel drive layout and Modular Scalable Platform (MSP), this model continues to deliver exceptional comfort and dynamic handling, upholding the MG4 EV's reputation as one of the most gratifying EVs available.

Preserving the key qualities of the existing MG4 EV, the Extended Range is available only in Exclusive specification, featuring the full suite of MG Pilot driver-assistance technology and a comprehensive infotainment system.

The MG4 has garnered widespread acclaim, earning multiple awards for its exceptional qualities. Among its recent accolades, the MG4 proudly secured the title of AA Best Value EV of the Year, highlighting its outstanding value proposition in the electric vehicle market. Adding to its impressive collection, the MG4 was also honoured as the Irish Compact Car of the Year for 2024. These prestigious awards underscore the MG4's recognition for its combination of innovation, performance, and value, solidifying its position as a standout choice in the automotive landscape.